Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in Chiang Mai

Went back to town early. Parked the @ then walked to the Chedi opposite the guest house. There met paku Suphanakit. He's the one on the extreme left. He said he joined initially planning to stay for 3 months. (the minimum)...but he's been here eleven years. Nice friendly fellow with big intentions. "there are only humans and animals...everyone is the same... I hope for peace & tranquility..blah blah blah...want to do away with hatred, greed..etc..etc..." terror man this guy..

My first of many encounters with som tam. Young grated papaya mixed with chillies & things & more chillies and lime and sour nasty things. Love it.

The monument of the 3 kings. I think this has to do with the battle for Ayutthaya against the burmese army way back in the 16th century. Naresuan and gang.

The chedi at 3 kings.

Outside the old city walls. Infested with farangs.

The tuk tuks here are something. Sound like thunder and move like lightning. Dangerous bloody things. Couldnt get enough of them.

Muay thai fighter doing his thing..Left before the fight started cos too many farangs.

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