Friday, March 23, 2007

Jalan jalan in Chiang Rai

later in the evening , paid a visit to "the monument of The Great King Mengrai"

He's known as the one who established Chiang Mai.

The old Clock tower. The new one was under construction at the time of this pic. The new is supposed to be massive. Its always about size.

The farang infested market square. Plenty of shops, stalls for eating and pubs. Too crowded. I recommend the old night market, where the locals hawk local stuff for the home crowd.

The #1 bike in the world.

Later in the evening got jolly at the teepee bar. On the left is Tuu, the proprietor, in the middle is Mike, a professional french hippie, and on the right is, ahem. Mike said "youre young, you should quit your job, grow your hair, travel the world..." I asked him what to do for money, he said " ah...this.. that.. whatever..." definitely stress free. Great music here..they also have drums and guitars for jamming... had a great time here.
Annika from Denmark on the left. Dunno who the other guy is.

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