Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mae Aw and the communist tea

Visited Mae Aw the following day. Belly full first with a plate of rice with dwtf and a bowl of dwtf and a plate of assorted veggies...and, as usual, iced water. Marvellous.

On the way up to Mae Aw had to top up cos underestimated the distance and the reserve what the blah blha blah and all that.

Hand cranked 95.

The lake at Mae Aw. Looking south.

Looking north. The tea shop is the small room at extreme left on the lake.

View from the tea house. Old Chinese KMT village.

The tea lady. Chinese signs and language spoken here. what is it? Mandarin?

So they serve it in cups with inverted shooters. Im staring at it wondering what the vibe here was...the tea lady cannot tahan so she came over and taught me how to do fact she did all for me.

supposed to take the shooter cup out, then the tea flows into the cup. Then must smell the shooter and savour the aroma. Then only can drink up. After taking a sip, the shooter is supposed to be rolled up & down the sides of your temple like a thermal message kind of thing, or you can roll it in your palms...I had three rounds. All the while the lady was ever attentive. So when time came to leave, asked her how much I owed her, to my surprise it was free.

Tea sets and more tea sets and the odd chapalang.

On the way down Mae Aw, stopped by Pha Sua falls.

Nice. Didnt stay long. Bunch of caucasians swigging bottles of beer and washing themselves upstream. Enough said.

sunsetting behind me.

Later in the evening went to the market to eat and heard some boogy going on down big boom boom noise. Went to investigate...
Saw the ladies and aunties of MHS doing aerobics and same as what we have in singapore. House Of Pain some more...."I came to get down, so get off your seat & jump around....jump around.." steadeeeee...
Went to eat banana roti. This guy is an indian burmese. Here selling roti prata in thailand. fuhh...

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