Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heading to Chiang Rai

Wake up in the morning and always remember that line from a Bob Marley song"..we hungry but them belly full..." Pic is a bowl of dwtf and a cup of coffee. Coffee here comes with a cup of tea and a cup of, yup, iced water.

Left MHS for Chiang Rai via Soppong ~ Pai. crystaline sky and fresh air. Made my head spin. Maybe also cos so many corners...heh.

Wanted to stop at Soppong to see the tombs in the mountain side, but before I knew it, had already reached the vantage point at Kiu Lom. Missed the turnoff time then. The stalls on the right were empty...dunno la..

Anyway had coffee at the view point shop. Just look at that fantastic view....

View on the left...

view on the right. Hills and mountains as far as the eye can see.. whoaaa... can get a bloody divine whatchacallit here looking at this.

dunno whats up with this pic..supposed to show the height of this area..think 1380m above sea.

Downhill after that. Great. Unladen the @ can powerslide subconciously, butI noticed that once loaded with luggage, the front end slides out during corners, (?) but it doesnt dump the bike. (??) Maybe cos of the amount of weight on the rear. Also helps keep the rear planted. And the bags too act like counterweights.(???)..more like parachutes..

Before I knew it, had already rached Pai. And as I was having my usual plate of dwtf as this place... an elderly caucasian man rode up and parked his rented cup next to the @. Couldnt speak english or thai. So sign language here, sign language there, turned he used to own an @. Said he rode it all the way From his home in France to Morrocco and back without blinking. Thats the proper way to do justice to your machine....all say Aye.

On the road, rounding a corner, had to jam brake when saw this...

Small little town in the middle... bet you they dont worry about tech gizmos and whatever colour tooth and all that....except maybe only cable reception during world cup and olympics.

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