Friday, March 23, 2007

Chiang Saen, Mae Sai.

Went round to Chiang Saen. Straight road. Passed some ruins along the way. Then the road ends at this signboard.

Behind it, the Mighty Mekong.

The golden Buddha

Golden triangle map

Thailand on the left, Laos on the right. Funny guy in the middle.

Mekong River ferries

Fierce outboard motors.

On the way tOO Mae Sai, stOpped at the Hall Of Opium. Very impressive. LOads of infO abOut Opium (O) and marijuana. FrOm the beginning in the times Of the macedOnians up til the present. InfO abOut the farm recultivation prOjects and reeducation prOgrams fOr the people whOse lives depended upOn the prOduction of O. Same as in LaOs, where they had tO destrOy (?) O farms and grOw viable crOps instead. Middle east, EurOpe, Asia, the expanse of O was (is?) great. Apparently, tOday, Afghanistan is the tOp prOducer of illegal Opium. The Only legal producer Of Opium today, is Australia. Plenty of stuff can be made from O, mOrphine is from O, but herOin and cOcaine is also made from the stuff tOO. NO pics allOwed inside the museum, but i highly recOmmend it.

Mae Sai border.

BURMA! too bad no time. So close, yet so far.

Thailand on the left..

pedestrian bridge in the mddle...

Myanmar on the right.

Below and around the bridge is a pedestrian mall. Plenty of Burmese jade.

Thai immigration centre right.

The night market just setting up.

After leaving Mae Sai, wanted to head to Doi Mae Salong..

But was getting late so U turn at Doi Tung

Mae Fah Luang

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