Saturday, March 17, 2007

Doi Inthanon, His & Her Highness' Royal Temples

The next day I visited Doi Inthanon, The hightest point in Thailand. 2565 m above sea level. Oddly enough it wasnt that cold. Maybe because of the relative temperature to ground level. And the air...the god... just pure and rich with life. Take a deep breath and just feel all your senses come bursting to life. Can hyperventilate just by breathing normally.

Times like these, you can actually feel the heavens & their occupants at your fingertips. Or maybe all that clean air just making you woozy. Whatever.

Look at that sky. Deepest clearest blue ever. If that isnt a humbling experience, then wait till you get to Laos.

The mercury reads 14 deg. C. T shirt temp, maybe even sweater, definitely no jackets required.

Look at that landscape. sheeeez...

Small little detour in Doi Ithanon. A water catchment area. An small ecological system tour.

Look at the rate of extinction. Deforestation for economic purposes. Timber...tourism...and what not. The negative impact of tourism on the ecosystem of many environs is significant. Hence "ecotourism" Where you are supposed to visit with minimal adverse impact on the environment. Youre supposed to think green. Heh. Me on the @ chugging petrol ang spewing all sorts of gases...ahem..dont qualify. Maybe if i walked barefoot with a loincloth then maybe.Dont come expecting The Ritz Carlton and marble walkways. In fact, the fact that you are even there is already bad enough. So stay home all you pampered wankers.

at then suddenly theres this shrine....with a turbine engine at its base..

Closer view of the turbine.. or is it turboprop...whats this about....dont know....

The Royal Chedis. These are the royal temples of the King & Queen.

This is His Majesty's...

This is Her Majesty's

View from the Royal temples.

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