Sunday, March 18, 2007

Heading to Mae Hong Son

woke up next day And had breakfast in the market. Then headed to Mae Hong Son via route 108 thru Hot~Mae sarieng~Mae Lai Noi. Beutiful scenery along the way. I had noticed this somewhere during the ride thru Lamphun that there were bush fires applenty. Upon further probing found out that the harvest season was already over and that they were in the midst of their autumn season hence the colours of the foliage were somewhat in the ochre pastel kind of tone. Some of the fires were condition the soil.. some were wild fires...and some were arson.

fantastic roads. Look at that sky.

Some village along the way to Mae Sarieng.

dunno what wat. Turn right here.

By lunch time I had reached Khun Yuam. And the smell from this roadside barbeque stall made me stop for a bite. They have chicken, pork, guts, and some other unrecognisable unmentionables and sticky rice. Their sausages were fantastic. Some had rice in them, some had dwtf, meat, spices..etc..etc. They all go well with beer.

Lunch: A plate of barbecued dwtf and sticky rice. Delicious.

The condensation from the cold started affecting my digicam at this point. Poor thing is already 3 years old.

Some shots of the way to MHS. Truth be told, the scenery was good, even though it was autumn. And the corners...sheeeez! wish I'd brought the blade! Everything in the book. Plus pot holes. Along the way some turns just leave you breathless. You round a corner and down below is the valley floor with a mountain staring back at you. Had to jam brake it was so pretty.

Digicam acting funny.

Signboard says welcome to Mae Hong Son. After taking this pic, i tucked the cam into the tankbag, put the bike in gear, slowly moved off and nearly rammed into a caucasian hippie on a cup kia gawking at the @ ...haissshhhh... No chance to even say hello to a local and already I have a near death encounter with a white man. Funny..

After checking in, went round to the local night market. It opens up around the Nong Jong Kham Lake during the "good season" which is 5 months a year. Thats when the hilltribes come down and hawk their handicrafts. Other seasons are the rainy and harvest, theyre busy then.

Thats the shrine in the centre of the lake. Dedicated to HRH The King.

Part of the food section of the market with Wat Jong Kham in the backgroud.

Wat Jong Kham. Some parts of this shrine have signboards saying "Women are FORBIDDEN to enter" forbidden mind you... fierce.

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