Sunday, March 18, 2007

Longnecks and big ears.. Padaung & Kayan Village

The road leading to the Padaung/ Kayan Village. Nice solid dirt road. Even had a small river crossing. Nice

Dont try this with your fireblade.

Army guards. Refugee camp of Kayan. No entry.

View from the coffee shop.

Entrance to the Padung village. Entry is 400B.

Noticed a small chapel up the hill. The lady told me they practice catholicism, budhism and their animism belief. Asked how they do all that, she said some this ..some time that..
St Josephs

View from the chapel.

The Kayan ladies. The big ears. Actually they have large circular earings in their lobes. Some are like 3" in diameter.

The men folk of the Kayan. Hanging around....uh...socialising?

Padaung lady weaving

This old lady is my mother outlaw....speaks fluent english and can say hello in nearly a dozen languages. Funny lady, wicked sense of humour. "so you came by motorcyle? not me, I walked from my house hee hee hee" oh reallllyyyy?

This is her daughter. I forgot their names.. Im bad with names..

Children in school.

I visited the famous longnecks. The are called Padaung. They share the same village of Ban Nai Soi with the Karen/Kayan, also known as the big ears. Displaced from their original villages in Myanmar. They have claimed refugee status in Thailand. They have no I.C's, or passports. They have some crops and some farm animals, i think they get handouts from the state (they charge 400B per entry into their village..ex!) and from whatever income they can get hawking their handicrafts. Hate when something like this has to happen. People having to put themselves on display, having to sell their culture. Felt guilty to be part of the whole thing. Walking in their village made me feel like a bastard. They live in almost a zoo...only without cages. ...theyve been handed the short end of a very big deal, and what choice do they have in this? Wake up, put on costume, sell their wares, go to bed, repeat. Its either this or run in the jungles with spears and arrows crying freedom. I dunno...but I'm all for the underling. They have my sincerest regards. Hope their fire keeps on burning.
View inside the chapel.
St Josephs. Beside it was a tomb of a missionary.

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