Saturday, March 24, 2007

Luang Namtha thru Oudomxai to Luang Prabang.

Woke up to a surprising chill morning. Surprising for me only. This are pics of the @ in the courtyard if the motel. Its called the Motel Lousymatress&nohotwater.

Belly full.

Luang Namtha main street. Plenty of not much going on. This town is more famous for its natural whatchacallit..uh wonders? anyway this place had a certain vibe... come to think of it..the whole of Lao had a certain vibe. I liked it. I heard that if you misbehave, they shoot you. My kind of place.

On the throttle and headed to Luang Prabang.

Sign ahead says Boten left, Vientienne right. Boten is 18 clicks from the junction at this bridge, the border town to China. haissshhhh.. so close yet so far... next time though.

View from the bridge

The villages along the way. Can see adults and children beside the road, carrying forage stuff from the jungle, ferrying buckets of water, working. Everyone worked. Except the men. All they do is play that game with the big metal balls. Like an extreme version of lawn bowl. And some of the mothers and fathers looked like they were still adolescents them selves..

Somewhere in one of these villages, I stopped to take a pic of the small little children (they are very tiny, like 8 inches tall only) beside the road, doing their thing...they took one look at the big full black from top to bottom monster like machine with all these things stuck to it plus this black suited furry man waving at them to come closer, they promptly ran off in tears.. poor things.

I stopped here to take a call from mother earth. When i came back i saw this vehicle parked behind my bike. Check it out, a mini harvester turned into a hilux. Can drift arh?

Was having lunch here in Oudomxai, when two old beemers pulled up. An older australian gent and his wife. He said he saw the @ and decided to stop to say hello. They had been travelling in the opposite direction as me. He & his wife had been on the road for 6 MONTHS! Started in Australia, island hopped in Indonesia, Rode around in Malaysia, couldnt get into Singapore wiith their Aussie reg bikes (??!) rode thru souththai into cambodia and vietnam and would be soon heading into NEPAL! I fumbled and burbled like a fool. They looked to be in their forties, real uncle and auntie type. Respect mannnn. I still remember he said he rode a 23 year old beemer. And when they fall, they have to help each other up, If they both fall they have to unload their luggage before attempting. I was amazed at them and realised how much of a chicken shit i was in comparison. wish them luck.

Taking a breather here, about 2 hours away from Oudomxai, in the middle of nowhere, not a soul along the way, when I heard this voice say "hello" turned around and theres this caucasian fellow on a frickin bicycle!. I remember his name. Sebastian from France. Had been riding from bangkok. Wished him well. Afterwards noticed quite a few bicyclists... solo, group, young, old. I remember also seeing this other chap....walking for heaven sake! holy buffalo balls! that, is an adventure.

Criss crossed these rivers, tributaries of Nam Mekong, Nam Ou & Nam Xuang.

The Mekong just before Vientienne

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