Sunday, March 25, 2007

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang was the best part of this trip to Laos. Very old city. Kept secret for much too long because of the revolutionary war. Fantastic classy place, cosy as well.

  1. Brunch. Oklam (somekind of stew with traditional ingredients. It had a type of root that was pungent and kick in the arse like garlic & ginger), lao beer, lao coffee, mekong river on the side.... fan-bloody-tastic.

Monument to the great Sisavangvong. A great king in the ancient times.
Previously the "government"tried to erase all symbols and evidence of the royal monarchs of days past, but due to overwhelming tourist interest and subsequent revenue, "they " decided to hype things up a bit A little "too little too late"? or a "better late then never"?
Whatever it is, he looks solid.

The Ho Kam museum. Plenty of relics from the past kingdoms, weapons of recent wars, presents from other countries and of course, buddhist relics.

The mighty Mekong

Can never get enough of it. THE MIGHTY MEKONG. The legendary trade route, source of life more like.

School. Worn out & in shambles.

The temples are pristine.

In fact, there are more monks in the temles than children in school. A long chat with the group of understudy's in the pic here revealed that they study up 16 subjects. They are always eager to chat with tourists to improve on their english.

Banyan trees at Wat Aham.

Luang Prabang's main street. There is a seasonal night market. There so much splendid items to be had. trinkets, pottery, weaves, cutlery, jewellery, parts for weapons (found parts, and mostly in advanced state of disintegration... like bullets, magazines, helmets, aircraft wing guns...etc)

Wat Phousi. The most prominent landmark in LP. Bannister of stone snakes, & a shrine to lord Buddha in a cave. Nice.
Wat Phousi at night. Just a lit temp[le floating in the sky.

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