Saturday, March 17, 2007

Leaving for Hat Yai

This time though took the boring route to Thailand. Up the NS highway. shheesh. Anyway, once there left Betong for Hat yai via Yaha...didnt see crazed militants or get shot at. Lucky the scenery was good.

passed some nice places along the way. Bang Lang reservoir.

First of inumerable encounters with elephants. Up north they use them as common as cup kias..

Took about 3 hours to cover the 240 plus clicks to the Hat yai train station.

Didnt go exploring tho, cos i had already been there previously during Oct' of '06 on my X9 with the scooter community. Thats another story.. Back to the train station. Arrived at 1600 Thai time and paid 800B for 2nd class sleeper & 1600B for the bike. Scam. Anyway the train arrived 10 minutes before departure... (1810hrs) and the way they loaded the bike was pure brawn. Had to tip them. Gave 150B.

Took 14hrs to reach Nakhon Pathom. Got off one end of the platfrom, and they unloaded the bike at the other end.

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