Saturday, March 17, 2007

Towards Chiang Mai from Nakhon Pathom

Rode to Chiang Mai straight from Nakhon Pathom. Didnt explore places along the way. Will do that next time. This time the trip was for north Thailand. Went via Kamphang Phet

~Tak~Lamphun~Chiang Mai. Boring straight highway most of the journey except for Lamphun. What was it? like 600 clicks? Anyway reached C. Mai around 1900hrs. Along the way passed by that strange place with all the wooden things.

Checked into a guest house in the old city. Cost 400b p/n. After checking in was too tired to go gallavanting so decided to walk around nearby. Saw this little pub with a couple of triumphs parked outside. Upon closer inspection the green tonado turned out to have a yamaha engine. The owner said it was a 350 engine with K&N filters transplanted into a triumph 600 body. The springers look good. Always do. The other was a pure kawa W650. Only thing was it had a triumph emblem on the tank.

Cha'a & Pod. He owns the green Triumph/Yammie. She owns the pub. Nice crowd. Regulars are the classic biker locals and the students From C. Mai Uni. Met Roni from indonesia doing his Phd. thesis on "sustainable agricultural economic developement" god knows whatever that means..

Cha' a sitting pillion. Still dont know what sign shes holding up.

Forgot this guys name. The guy in charge at the guest house. He said he was planning to climb Mt. Kinabalu. I've never been there..but here I am in Chiang Mai...heh..

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