Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu, Chamber of commerce.

Next day went up to Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. Up the hill in MHS. Short road up. Fantastic views of the valley cradling MHS.

Just look at that...fwoooarrggh..

9am in the morning and MHS still shrouded in mist. A small town ringed by mountains.

View from the lions vantage.

From the top of the stairway.

The lake from the previous night in the centre.

From the bottom of the stairway.

Monday so must wear yellow... (also may get cheaper fare...if not for the fact that I cant speak thai to save my problems really cos im fluent in sign language)

Came down from Doi Kong Mu and went to this place;

The Mae Hong Son Chamber of commerce.

Met a chap from california here Gawking at the @. Said he used to ride a GS beemer but got sick of it. "too fussy mannnn...." Indeed. Hippie fellow. Smelly but friendly, a relief actually from travelling alone sometimes. Now, first off; solitude IS remarkably potent for soul searching, breaking wind and picking your nose, but i just found out that some meaningless chat now & again can be quite comforting. Normally I hate hollow talk in general, but a bit of it now and then is good. Its like getting drunk. You have to do it once in a blue moon.

This is the place to get your certificate.

it says

" so and so blah blah blah made it to MHS thru the 1864 curves hence the Wat phra That Doi Kong Mu will protect you and your kin"

groovy baby... forgot...was it 20B? anyway I got both..english one for passengers and thai one for drivers, since i rode myself here.. double blessing eh?

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