Saturday, March 17, 2007

..and in the beginning..

Went to Thailand & Laos recently. Took me about 3 weeks. From 09/02/07 ~ 04/03/07. Rode up ns highway into Thailand. Went thru Betong. Went there previously during 07 new year. Boiled eggs at the hot springs again. This is a pic from the previous trip during '07 new year.

Didnt stay long, cos already had visited all the other sites. Like the Blue Mosque, The piyamit tunnel, The Giant dildo...err mailbox, these are from the previous trip.

At the beginning of this trip, some of the locals..they even let me pose with their babies and what not...hehe..

Look at how cute this baby is. He even has one eyebrow curled up like "hey mama! lets get jiggy!" This is my favourite pic of them all.

The last time i went was via trunk road to Mersing. Then all the way up thru the Grik highway. Fantastic route that. Heres a pic of the Grik sign on the outskirts of town. Dunno who the funny loking guy is.

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