Monday, January 25, 2010

Still alive and kicking

We met my buddies cousins on the port and they welcomed us into their homes. Fantastic people. Warm and friendly. We sat and ate and then we went to church. Romblon was in full party mode because of the Fiesta Senor Santo Nino. Or the feast of the baby Jesus. The Island was discovered by the Spanish. The particular fleet that landed here had as their patron, the baby Jesus. So they imported this to Romblon. Been here ever since. It's celebrated the weekend after new year and goes on for a week. And for a small quaint little island, these Romblomanon can party really hard.

There she is. Romblon.

Janay. Rommel's bro Rogel's youngest son.

Buddy Rommel. Bunk beds on 2 decks. Probably about 300~500 pax capacity. Lucky we had the bunks near the side. Surprisingly comfy.

The ferry didn't look too convincing. This clunker must be at least 30 years old. Also the fact that they sink everytime. Ferry's sink almost on an annual basis. '08, '09. Then there was also the Princess of the stars that sank with over a thousand deaths. All happened within the Sibuyan sea.

The Phillipines!

Went offroad riding in Romblon Island, Romblon (google earth it!) Its a small island. Maybe about 150 clicks in circumference. Getting to Romblon was the kicker. Cebu pacific flight into Clark, Manila then jeepney all the way to Batangas. But wait, I stayed with friends in San Juan DEl Monte, Manila. Took a bus to Batangas the next day. From Batangas, a very restful 14 hour ferry trip to the jewel that is Romblon.

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